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Suko Water Based Degreaser

Suko Water Based Degreaser is a biodegradable industrial detergent that removes grease and grime from a wide range of surfaces including but not limited to vehicle engines, engine parts, paint, alloy wheel rims, countertops, stovetops, work surfaces, stainless steel equipment, walls, splash guards, oven exteriors, broiler pans, plastics, glass, kitchen equipment, fiberglass reinforced plastic, workshop floors, general mining equipment and industrial equipment. It is widely used in mines, industrial workshops, commercial kitchens and automotive garages.

Available distribution channels

121A Harare Drive Marlborough Harare
Various stores in Kaguvi area
Various areas in Gazaland
For orders above 50L, we can deliver in Harare.

Key selling points

  • 1) It is environmental friendly, therefore can be disposed of in the environment without causing any harm
  • 2) It is multipurpose – can be used on many surfaces in many industries
  • 3) Concentrated – can be diluted depending on the stubbornness of the grease
  • 4) Gentle on hands, paint, plastic and concrete
  • 5) It is economic and affordable
  • 6) We offer free delivery in and around Harare for a minimum of 50L
  • 7) We offer free 500ml samples

Available packages

~ 1 litre Container
~ 5 litre Container
~ 20 litre Container
~ 500ml Container
~ 210 litre Container