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We are a hazardous material spillage response company that specializes in responding to the accidental discharge of any hazardous material. We have the capacity to deploy equipment and personnel throughout the whole country within a lead time of 8 hours to the furthest possible spill site in Zimbabwe.

Client Base

Our client base has been primarily the transporters of petroleum products who account for more than 80% of our client base. We have entered into non retainer agreements with our clients and we are their Spill Responder of choice. We respond to spillages or accidents involving trucks carrying hazardous substances transiting through Zimbabwe to Zambia, DRC and Malawi. This is through our partnership with Spill-tech and Enviro-sure of South Africa.

In the past 6 years of our operations we have attended to more than 60 major spillage incidents throughout the whole country and these have been primarily spillages due to accidents on the major highways

Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Beyond the cleanup of the spillages that we would have attended to , some times the soil gets contaminated with hazardous substances, Sometimes the spillages get into water bodies and sometimes the plant and animal are at risk because of the hazardous contaminants.

We seek to restore the environment to its original state by employing neutralizing, treatment and or remediation methods that remove the hazardous contaminate or its effects to the environment

Facilities Cleanup

In day to day operations, facilities may get soiled with hazardous chemicals and substances that will over time become overwhelming posing harm and disturbing the operations of the business. We as Qurity also offer a facilities cleanup service, where we decontaminate, remediate and rehabilitate your work space that would have been contaminated.

Tank Cleaning

We also do tank cleaning and de-sludging of old fuel tanks. We have cleaned bulk water tanks, decommissioned diesel tanks and annually we clean a number of emulsion tanks for the mining and blasting industry. Our team is trained in confined spaces working and take the greatest of care in ensuring that they are safe.

Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal

In terms of SI 10 of 2007, Qurity offers the services of handling, pretreatment and safe disposal of hazardous materials. Our client base includes:

  • Polyurethane foam manufactures
  • Beverage manufactures
  • Petrochemical industry clients
  • Mining companies
  • Distributors of Hazardous chemicals

Past work

~ Sulphuric acid spillage
~ Emulsion incidents
~ Diesel tanker spillage
~ Bitumen Spillage
~ Sulphur Spillage
~ Tallow Incident