About - Qurity Spill Kits

Qurity Spill Response focuses on Spill prevention and Spill solutions. The Spill Kits and absorbents fall under the Spill Solutions component. Spillages can occur onto the natural environment or build up environment. In the case of hazardous liquids, spillages can lead to damage to human health or damage to the natural environment. Spillages when not adequately dealt with can lead to economic loss in business.

Qurity Spill Response has identified absorbents that are best suited to deal with the different liquid spillages which are classified broadly into water based liquids or oil based liquids. Different types and sized spill kits have been assembled and are available to clients for use in dealing with spillages. There are oil based spill kits which contain absorbents specific for absorbing oil based liquids. There are spill kits for acid or base spillages. All these kits are specifically designed with accessories for ease of handling and usage with residue bags for appropriate disposal. The spill kits contain locally available absorbents making effective use of local resources. Training on uses of the Spill kits and support for refills is all part of the service offered by Qurity Spill Response.

~ Oil Spill Kit
~ Truck Spill Kit
~ Universal Spill Kit
~ Universal Spill Kit
~ Plastic scratch free Shovel
~ Curinite Universal Absorbent
~ Curifibre Universal Absorbent
~ Spill control boom
~ Curisorb Universal Absorbent
~ Heavy duty bag